Author: Jonah Brucker-Cohen

Technology and Communications

This course examines communications technology from a media perspective.     Students develop knowledge and skills as they design and produce media projects in the areas of networked, interactive, and graphic communications.


Semesters and Institutions Taught:

Lehman College, Fall 2020


Capstone (Thesis)

The Capstone course is the final project for all graduating students. The course offers students an opportunity to increase their impact and effectiveness as a leader. Students develop an initiative for a real-life project that can be work, community, or …

Digital Multimedia – ART

This course examines critical data art practice in media arts and design.

Students of this course are expected to acquire a good understanding of digital design methodology, including brainstorming techniques, prototyping, problem solving, and user-testing. We will aim to create …

Designing Critical Networks

This course focuses on creative network practices through a critical examination of culture, media, society, and art.


“Designing Critical Networks” is a course that introduces students to networked art practice, hacking networks, and the critical examination of culture, media, …

Communication in Society

This course explores the uses and influences of media in society.  We examine the role of the media and communications technologies in the formation of global culture, ethics, political opinion, and celebrity identity. Students explore the following topics: The emergence …

New Media (Journalism)

This course explores the evolution of new communication technologies  how they are integrated into society by the media, and how they end up changing our lives. It is an introduction to blogging, Twitter, Facebook, and other social networking tools used …

Digital Marketing Strategies

This course evaluates how digital technologies have fundamentally transformed marketing.

Aspects covered in the course include, the shift from one-way to two-way communication, online marketing techniques, viral campaigns, social media invasion, search engine optimization, and how web analytics are used …

Topics in Digital Media

This course evaluates new communication channels that evolved with the rise of information technology and digital connectivity. Topics cover areas such as social media, crowdsourcing, open source, mobile technology, ubiquitous computing, wireless networks, and the Internet of Things.

Semesters and

New Media Research Studio

The New Media Research Studio course was devoted to the research of new communication channels that evolved with the rise of information technology and digital connectivity. I taught this class at NYU Department of Media, Communications, and Culture at New …

Creating WWW Sites

This summer course facilitated the creative use of the Web as a medium for new artistic, journalistic, personal, and commercial projects. The class format was a combination of technical lectures, troubleshooting sessions, and some critiques. We began with a thorough …