Introduction to Media and Digital Culture

This course explores various forms of media and digital culture and how they have evolved over the years. Topics include the effects of media culture on the population at large,  the loss of print media, the advent of music and streaming services like Apple Music and Tidal,  advances of the Internet and Social Media, digital marketing, open source media, digital currency such as BitCoin and the rise of Apps.

Semesters and Institutions Taught:

Lehman College, Spring 2016

Lehman College, Fall 2016

Lehman College, Spring 2017

Lehman College, Fall 2017

Lehman College, Fall 2018

Lehman College, Spring 2019

Lehman College, Fall 2019

Lehman College, Fall 2020

Lehman College, Spring 2021

Lehman College, Fall 2021

Lehman College, Spring 2022

Video from Drone Flight from class on 11/6/2018


Video from Maker Culture Activity from class on 0228/2019


Video from Drone Flight from class on 4/2019