Communication in Society

This course explores the uses and influences of media in society.  We examine the role of the media and communications technologies in the formation of global culture, ethics, political opinion, and celebrity identity. Students explore the following topics: The emergence and mainstreaming of communications technologies and platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, podcasts, etc. The transformation of journalism by practices such as blogging. How digital media influences political campaigns. The blurring of the line between producer and consumer by interactivity and audience participation (reader response forums, user-generated content, viewer voting, etc.)


Semesters and Institutions Taught:

Lehman College, Spring 2015

Lehman College, Spring 2016

Lehman College, Spring 2017

Lehman College, Fall 2017

Lehman College, Spring 2018 

Lehman College, Fall 2018

Lehman College, Spring 2019

Lehman College, Spring 2020

Lehman College, Fall 2020

Lehman College, Spring 2021

Lehman College, Fall 2021

Lehman College, Spring 2022

Lehman College, Spring 2024

Lehman College, Fall 2024