Creating WWW Sites

This summer course facilitated the creative use of the Web as a medium for new artistic, journalistic, personal, and commercial projects. The class format was a combination of technical lectures, troubleshooting sessions, and some critiques. We began with a thorough examination of HTML and its extensions, then proceeded with introductions to various presentation and scripting possibilities. The level of inquiry was more of an introductory broad survey than an in-depth investigation of any particular technology. Students were expected to design and implement one or more web sites of their own and to demo their works-in-progress frequently. Since this was a short session, the class moved quickly so keeping up with homework assignments was important. Students were asked to work in groups, write essays, and participate in investigative exercises. Students also should have had an interest in the Internet, WWW and knowledge of basic production tools.

Semesters and Institutions Taught:

Interactive Telecommunications Program, Tisch School of the Arts, New York University, Summer 2001