"Technology and Communications" - MCS 366
Lehman College / CUNY   
Student iOS Apps - Fall 2020 -
Assistant Professor: Jonah Brucker-Cohen

"Milieu"       by            Paola St.Hilaire

Milieu incentivizes the public to clean up polluted urban areas to beautify their neighborhoods.

"Respect:    COVID-19  Tracker" by Oksana Klymko

This app is your go-to destination to find out COVID-19 Information in your location.

"The Watcher" by          Nicole Lingayo

Protecting you against urban and domestic predators.

    "GPR"             by           Karey Benitez Villegas

GPR stands for "Guaranteed Package Received". It is a way to achieve assurance from online shopping.

"Find Your Smile" by       Vanessa Nimons

A humor app used to combat the start of a depressive episode with comedy and laughter.

"Google Experience" by Michael Li

This app encourages community support during times of hardship.

"Healthy Eats" by Michael Williams

This app is about eating healthy and solving the high obesity rate in America.

"New Kid on the         Block" by            Tony Lu     

This app focuses on helping support small businesses from around the world.

"Brainiac" by     Roger Abreu

This app connects to a brain implant chip that amplifies your memory, knowledge capacity, and global connectivity.

"Moment Quote" by Nicole Pagan

A personal assistant that inspires you with quotes to help you get through each day.

"Best Friends Eyes" by Hannah Khoury

When you’re feeling unsafe, someone close to you is watching.This app addresses safety concerns during uncomfortable or potentially dangerous situations.

"Never Lost"       by       Tatiana Salcedo     

A GPS tracker device and app that guarantees safe arrival and location of loved ones. 

"Get Healthy Get Wealthy" by Madubuike Ekpecham

This app rewards you for eating healthy and staying on a positive exercise regimen.

"The CUNY App" by Keyanna Hooker

Instead of the multiple apps for various things dealing with CUNY this one app centralizes all things CUNY, regardless of which campus you attend.

"NightCaller" by Deandra Drysdale

This app keeps your network aware of your location and helps you avoid dangerous situations.

"OTS…On The Spot" by Hebelkys Mendoza

OTS…On The Spot is an app designed to work in conjunction to any shopping advertising network. The App allows you to purchase anything you see by taking a photo or scanning the QR code.

"Capacity" by Nicole Lingayo

Capacity helps you avoid crowded locations that might make you more susceptible to catching the Coronavirus

"CampusLand" by Franklin Paulus

This app is your all-in-one place to do all things college such as sell textbooks and join campus communities.

"Your Vote" by Chelsey Amador

This app allows the public to vote for their public representatives (Presidential Candidates, Senators, Congress) from their Phones.

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