Capstone (Thesis)

The Capstone course is the final project for all graduating students. The course offers students an opportunity to increase their impact and effectiveness as a leader. Students develop an initiative for a real-life project that can be work, community, or university-based. For a consulting case project, students develop a case study and case analysis. The case study is a short description of a situation facing an organization and must be based on field research, depict real-life events, and describe a situation that requires a decision. The consultant report outlines the key issues in the case, identifies alternative scenarios for solutions, and provides the conceptual justification for the student’s recommendation using relevant reference material from the College of Professional Studies graduate courses. The capstone project is an action-based leadership project. 


Student Projects / Years:


Folashade Ambali: The Old and New Era of Advertising (Paper)

Shantel Emile: The Future of Fandom


Angela Reyes: NYC Smoking Health Risks (Paper)

Naje Rowson – Online Clothing Shop (Paper)


Imani McPherson: “Social Media and Millennial Communication” (paper)

Victoria Issac: Reporting: (Aloha Night at Botanical Garden)

Valentina Ariza and Nathaniel Ramos (Documentary Film)


Elias Mena: Uptown Coro (Podcast)


Kindaya Baker: Healthcare’s Digital Future (paper)

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